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thekeyBy taking some of the mechanics from my previous game (‘3D Text Adventure Game with Atrocious Graphics and No Storyline’) and adding an actual story, I managed to create something sort of new and interesting called ‘The Key’.  Check it out!



My Quirkiest Game Yet

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I just published a very bizarre little game on Kongregate.  The game is called 3 TAG WAGANS (3D Text Adventure Game With Atrocious Graphics And No Storyline).  For those who are brave enough to try it out, here’s the link:  http://www.kongregate.com/games/WaldorfHammer/3-tag-wagans-3d-text-adventure-game-with-atrocious-graphics-and-no-storyline

“Glooble 2: Electric Gloobaloo” is now available for preview on Kongregate!

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Now with over 50% more color (including maroon!), it’s “Glooble 2: Electric Gloobaloo”, the much-awaited sequel to “Glooble – Chapter 1: Contact”. This sneak preview includes two ridiculously challenging puzzles and a bunch of hints to help you solve them.

Glooble 2: Electric Gloobaloo


In the Works – Part 2


CalcuDoku is on the back burner for the time being. I’m currently working on something completely different – a Flash/Unity game. In fact, I just published the first installment, called ‘Glooble – Chapter 1: Contact’. Here’s a brief summary: “Glooble is unlike any game you’ve ever played. In fact, it doesn’t even feel a game – more like an alternate reality experience. Mysterious emails. Cryptic codes. Devious puzzles. Encrypted passwords. Confounding machines. Glooble is stylistically simple – but intellectually, it is very, very hard. It all starts with ‘Chapter 1: Contact’, the first in a series of short games (one or more hours of gameplay, depending on your puzzle-solving skills and your willingness to avoid the included hint system.) And here’s where you can check it out: www.kongregate.com/games/WaldorfHammer/glooble-chapter-1-contact

In the Works

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I’m currently working on an improved version of CalcuDoku with bug fixes and more puzzles. The new version will be available for all smartphones and tablets, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

Keeping My Fans Happy

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In response to player feedback, I am working on an version of Spaceport 79 which will include an AUTOSAVE feature. It should be available on the Marketplace within a week.

UPDATE: New version (1.1) is now available for download.

Spaceport 79 is available for download on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

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If you enjoy solving logic puzzles like Sudoku, Kakuro, Kenken or Battleships, you’ll love Spaceport 79 – a souped-up, spaced-out, psychedelic version of the popular Japanese logic puzzle, Bridges. No more using boring old bridges to connect boring old islands – now you get to live the life you’ve always wanted, as a highly-respected Space Traffic Controller!

Check it out here.

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